Jesus tells us to take the gospel out to the ends of the earth, starting on our doorstep- the good news of Jesus Christ is for everyone, regardless of background and culture. To that end, we have established cross-cultural partnerships including:

In Streatham, where we are partnered with Holy Redeemer Church.  The aim of the partnership is to share our resources and ministries in a way that maximises opportunities to proclaim the good news of Jesus to this part of South-East London.

In Novi Sad, Serbia, where we support Grace Church Novi Sad and its pastor Brada Radanovic. Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia and Grace Church was established in 2011.  In addition to preaching and leading services, Brada seeks to reach out to the many poor and disadvantaged in and around Novi Sad. For more details click here.

In NaplesItaly, where we are partnering with Mark and Jane Oden and their four children who have just arrived to serve alongside local churches in Naples. For more details click here.